That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second.

(Source: angiellehcim)

On the 19th of July 100,000 people decided that they had had enough of the massacre taking place in Palestine by the hands of Israel. 100,000 people made their voices heard as the city of London marched down its street to ask for justice. 100,000 people stood outside the Israeli embassy and showed their love and support for Gaza.

The day was hot (28 degrees) the sun was shining and the Muslims were fasting. Despite this people stayed out on the streets for several hours showing their anger towards Israel and their love for Palestine. And after seeing the horrors taking place in Gaza right now, my faith in humanity was restored. It made me happy to see the there are still people left in the world who stand for justice, despite our corrupt and murderous governments.

In the last two weeks, Israel has butchered 508 Palestinian children, women and men of all ages. Gaza is under siege and is being attacked by land, air and water. These people have no where to go, no way to help themselves, no electricity, no means to defend themselves. Who is Israel defending it self against??

Killing 4 innocent boys playing football on the beach is self defense? Killing women and children is defending yourself? 

Israel is hogging and attacking land that it has no right to and the UN and the world is sitting and watching. Our ‘leaders’ are so corrupt I don’t even know if they have a heart in them.

The U.S and the U.K fully support the Israel by funding for ammunition. The Arabs are filthy rich, yet they are sitting in their palaces while their own kind is dying. They’ve sold their souls. There is no humanity left in these people.

Who is to help the people of Palestine beside God. Who is to speak up for justice, to let Israel know that it can’t get away with it’s heinous crimes.

It’s the common people. We have to come out on the streets to support the oppressed. On Saturday’s march there were people of all races, colour, faiths and ages out to support Gaza. There was a unity among the 100,000 people that were chanting ‘Free free Palestine’. There was anger in people’s voices. 

The media shows nothing, they’re all government sellouts. One bomb drops in Israel it’s headline. A hundred drop in Gaza no one bats an eye. If we don’t speak up, nothing will happen. It’s the holocaust all over again, and the victims of the last holocaust are carrying it out on the Palestinians.

Come out on the streets, tweet about it, give charity, talk about it, tell people what’s going on. The Palestinians have an equal right to life as we do. Put yourself in their condition and imagine the horror they live everyday not knowing if they will live in the second or not.

Raise your voices. Boycott Israel. Show your support for Palestine.

Free Gaza.